Executive Council

Darrel Rathe

Stewardship Team Leader


The Stewardship Team is responsible for tracking the Trinity Family of Faith financials.  The Team works closely with the other teams to develop the work program.  Encouraging members to use their gifts for the Lord’s work is wonderful part of the team’s focus.

Matt Giese

Elders Team Leader


The Elders are responsible for overseeing church doctrine and the ministry of the called staff, matters of church discipline and membership, and assist in tending to the spiritual welfare of the members of Trinity Family of Faith.

Matt is passionate about raising up God’s children in Christ in a fun and engaging manner that teaches discipleship through following Jesus with our heads, hearts, and hands.  “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” (Matthew 4:19)

Wes Griffith


wes griffith 4

Wes has served as the Elders Team Leader and participates with the praise group through song. Wes is responsible for leading the Executive Council meetings and guiding the Leadership Teams as we work towards God’s will.

  “With all of the activity surrounding us in our daily lives, we can find no greater solace than time spent in reflection with Christ. Whether that is done through fellowship or alone, it is only important that we have ‘our time’ in the word. Trinity Family of Faith seeks to fulfill the will of God, through the word of God by sharing his message with others. The times we live in are exciting, and sometimes a little scary. The one steady piece of our lives is knowing Christ will always be there. Come, share time in fellowship and join us on our journey!”

Connie Avey

Congregational Secretary

Connie keeps the Team leaders on the same page by recording and distributing the meeting minutes.

Shari Kuttler

Education Team Leader


Shari heads up the education team for Trinity Family of Faith, with is a perfect fit for her talents. The Team ensures that the church experiences all God has to offer through VBS, Sunday school, Bible study and other activities.

When asked about her favorite memories at Trinity Family of Faith, she reminisced about the great memories.  “I have watched my children, as well as many of the youth in our congregation grow in faith among  a great family of believers.  My favorite family times at Trinity are VBS and Pray and Play events when we can come together as families to celebrate the gospel.  Personally, I have come to rely on an amazing group of ladies from Trinity that have been meeting for a weekly bible study for several years now.  My life wouldn’t be complete without that time in the word or without them.”

Randy Nordquist

Outreach Team Leader


The Outreach Team enjoys working with clear direction provided by the great commission.  Creative and inventive, this team develops the advertising and materials that are presented to the community.

Ann Nordquist

Worship Team Leader

As the Worship Team leader, Ann oversees the flow of the worship services.  Working with the Pastor, Worship Leader, Praise Team and others this team sets the stage for Sunday morning services.

Josh Zenger

Childcare Team Leader

The Childcare Team Leader works directly with the Trinity Family Learning Center to ensure the vision of the church is incorporated into the curriculum.  The Learning Center Director works closely with the Childcare Team Leader to make sure that the Bible’s teachings are being taught to the children.

Kellea Neas

Vice President


The Vice President assists the President with the daily duties of interacting with the Team Leaders.

Scott Cummins

Properties Team Leader

The Properties Team is always on call.  Keeping the doors opening, the lights on, the grass mowed and the snow shoveled among other things keeps this team engaged.

Andrew Heskett

Technology Team Leader


The Technology Team focuses on the church communication tools.  The website, Facebook page, computers, phone system and general technical support keeps this team busy.

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