What We Believe

As God’s people, gathered in Jesus’ name, we believe that God is very real and very present in our midst. we-walk-by-faithWe believe that God has sent us an incredible love letter in His inerrant Word. We believe that God uses the sacrament of Baptism to bring us into His family and comes to be really present in our lives through the sacrament of Holy Communion. We believe that the Designer of the entire universe continues to care for us and gives us real wisdom and hope by the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus really rose from the dead and so has the power to give us an eternal life with Him. We believe that none of us deserves this gift, but God wants to give it to everyone, because of Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself on the cross.



WE BELIEVE IN ONE GOD IN THREE PERSONS, the Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier.

WE BELIEVE THAT GOD THE FATHER IS THE SOURCE OF ALL THINGS, the Sovereign over everything and the Supplier of all our needs.

WE BELIEVE THAT JESUS CHRIST, GOD’S SON, IS OUR SAVIOR AND LORD. Through His virgin birth, sinless life, and substitutionary atonement, Jesus has purchased our redemption, and thus He has procured for us forgiveness of sins, freedom from the power of sin, release from the punishment for sin as well as newness of life, abundant life, and eternal life.

WE BELIEVE THE HOLY SPIRIT CALLS US TO REPENTANCE, FAITH, AND OBEDIENCE, that He reveals to us God’s will, word, and work and that He empowers us for holy living and effective service.

WE BELIEVE THE BIBLE TO BE THE INSPIRED WORD OF GOD and the infallible authority in all matters of proclamation, faith, and life. We believe that the gospel is the power of God for the salvation of all who believe.

WE ACCEPT THE ECUMENICAL CREEDS, THE APOSTOLIC, THE NICENE, AND THE ATHANASIAN, AS TRUE DECLARATIONS OF FAITH, and we accept the “Unaltered Augsburg Confession” and “Luther’s Small Catechism” as true witnesses to the gospel.



WE BELIEVE THAT BAPTISM UNITES US WITH CHRIST’S ATONING WORK in His death, burial, and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins.

WE BELIEVE THAT IN HOLY COMMUNION WE RECEIVE THE BODY AND BLOOD OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST and are united with Him and with the universal body of believers.

WE BELIEVE THAT THE CHURCH IS THE BODY OF CHRIST with Jesus Christ as the Head of the body. Thus we seek to submit to His Lordship in all things.

WE BELIEVE IN CHRIST’S SECOND COMING and in the resurrection of believers to eternal life and of unbelievers to eternal punishment.

Our Core Values

Christ-Centered Worship

core-values-250-spacerWe are a community filled with God’s message of hope and joy in the reading and preaching of The Word, in the celebration of the sacraments and in faith-nourishing music. We are built up in our faith to live to the glory of God and in loving service to others.

God’s Gift of Grace

core-values-250-spacerOur relationship with God centers not on what we do but what God does for us, through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Saved by grace through faith is how Martin Luther describes our trust in God’s goodness revealed in Christ Jesus.

Active Lay Involvement

Trinity Family of Faith is blessed to have many active and involved lay people. We empower and encourage our lay members to use the gifts God has blessed them with and share their abilities and assets so that God’s love is known and shared.

Heartfelt Compassion and Care

Our goal is to share the love of God in Christ Jesus with such joy that more and more people would come into a transformed relationship with Christ.  Part of sharing this message is to serve each other in ways that are caring, compassionate, and life affirming.

Faith Motivated Stewardship

We believe our hearts are filled with the love of Christ and his love will be visible in what we do and give. All the gifts are from Him, the motivation to give is from Him, the cause to support is His, the promise to bless gifts and givers is His. Faith empowers us to give our time, talents and financial resources generously.

Growing to Maturity in the Faith

As a congregation and individuals we are called to grow to maturity in the Faith.  Adults mature and accept responsibility, assisting the next generation to do the same. We believe maturity means we can’t do it on your own but need God to intervene on our behalf.  With God and the support of our church family, we can grow into the people God intended.

Intentional Evangelism and Outreach

The Church is the Body of Christ. As such, we extend hope to the world by communicating the message of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Sharing Christ is the core of who we are. Just as Jesus was the Light of the world, who in His very being shined the hope of salvation, so we, in Christ, are the same.

A Passionate Commitment to Prayer

God delights in hearing our prayers, because He is the God of the impossible. When we believe this, it’s easy to understand how our prayers have a strategic purpose in the work of the Lutheran Church. We are a body of members who seek to encourage a passion for prayer and to provide prayer opportunities for all.

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